what is a yamaka?

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    A kippah (Hebrew: כִּפָּה, also kipah, kipa, kippa, plural kippot; Yiddish: יאַרמלקע, yarmlke, yarmulke, yarmulka, yarmelke, less commonly called kapel; English: skullcap, cap of maintenance) is a thin, usually slightly-rounded cloth cap worn by observant Jews (usually men, but not always; see below). Kipot range in size from 4 inches in diameter to 9.5 inches (100 mm to 240 mm) or larger.

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    Jewish Yamaka

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    A Yamaka is a small, round cap that Jewish men wear atop their heads. It's typically black, concave, and roughly the circumference of a small pancake. Some are fastened to the hair with pins, others just sit atop the crown.

    It symbolizes the humbling relationship between man and God. Man must never let his ego rise above a certain level, for he is and always shall be a creation of God, never better than.

    At least this is what I heard somewhere else.

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    Jewish Kippah Hat

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    Its that little hat thing that the men wear in Jewish synagogues.

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