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how i can stop eating ?

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    You should not stop eating. Anorexia is a serious condition, with posible side effects such as anemia, osteoporosis, bone fractures, kidney failure, heart failure, fainting, etc. You can read more about it at

    If you have an eating disorder, you can call a hotline or search a database to find support groups and treatment from the National Eating Disorders Association's website at

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    I hope you really need to stop eating if you are going to try and stop, because I know of people who have died or almost died because they thought they needed to stop eating and really didn't. They were actually really skinny. Although, if you know for a fact you eat too much, then you just need to control yourself to stop. You need self discipline. I know food is good, but as you know even though it is good it isn't healthy to eat too much of it, especially if all it does is make you fat. ;)

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    You can try to chuw gum that is sugar free and get thruw your day with out eating.

    Chuwing gum will foul your brain and you will feel like you are actually eating something.

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    Stop buying food and just lock your food somewere and throw away the key.

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  • Stop buying food!

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    if u feel hunger just drink water alot and dont eat

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    Just stop.

    It may be hard, but it's the truth.

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