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what is a printer ink tank?

what's the difference between canon ink tanks and canon's individual ink tanks?

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    when comparing ink tanks to idividual ink tanks i will refer to canons bci 21 cart.

    in a cartridge you have 2 choices, one individual color, as in the bci 21 back, or multiple colors as in bci 21 color. the bci21 color has three colors, cyan (blue), magenta (red), and yellow. this is commonly referred to as a tri color cartridge.

    now canon also makes printers that have individual carts which means that the yellow is a seperate cart than the cyan and separate also from the magenta. all of which are individual. you would have 3 carts for basic color, one yellow, one magenta, and one cyan. add to that your black.

    now if you are talking about a photo printer, add light magenta, and light cyan. or in some models photo magenta, photo cyan and rarely photo yellow. the benefit of this is that the carts cost less individually, and can be replaced when only that color is depleated. for example if you are printing a lot of us flags, you would pitch a tri color cart full of yellow, but out of magenta or cyan. but not with the individuals, you would use considerably less yellow and not have to replace it as often.

    a canon ink tank is a holder of its ink. or a cartrdge. (i believe a tank means there is no printhead attached to the tank. but i never researched that so i won't guarantee it.)

    hope that helps.

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    They attempt this for a sturdy reason easily. They use each of the colors even to print merely black. there's a approach of portray and that i won't be able to imagine of it on the instantaneous, yet really, in case you combine a gaggle of somewhat of different hues, you get yet another colour with out even making use of it. it is basically an similar element. with out the different hues, your black may very last about 80 5 pages. yet with all hues, its lasts likely about 250. My suggestion is move with a printer that would not value a lot to interchange ink. they're accessible, HP is starting off to go back out with low priced printers that use low priced ink. J4680 or something like that and per chance like a 5610 are large! seem for the HPs with the 74xl and the 75xl. they're severe capacities that get 3 cases the prints for no longer somewhat double the price. they're large!

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