What are the three must sees in Washington DC ?

I'm planning a trip and I have three days to see the best monuments and museums.

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    Day One


    US Capitol- Seat of the legislative branch of the United States government; the Capitol Guide Service offers a free 45-minute guided tour. Tours are from 9 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Free tickets can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis at the Capitol Guide Service Kiosk located at First Street and Independence Avenue SW. Ticket distribution begins at 9 am.

    US Supreme Court- Home of the judicial branch of government.

    Library of Congress- The world's largest library with 26 million books, films, documents and photographs.


    Union Station- This visually stunning and immensly historic train station houses shops, restaurants, a nine-screen movie complex and both Amtrak train and Metrorail stations. Located on Metro's red line or by car at 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE.


    National Gallery of Art- The West Wing features a collection of international masterpieces from the 13th to the 19th century, while the East Wing houses a modern collection of 20th century art.

    Smithsonian Institution Museums- Since it is impossible to visit all of the 15 fascinating museums in a single visit, pick a few and save the rest for your next trip. Some of the museums include: National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of African Art and the National Postal Museum.


    Adams Morgan- Dine in one of Washington DC's most colorful neighborhoods and you're sure to find a cuisine to suite all taste buds

    Day Two


    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Trace the story of Jewish persecution under the Nazi regime from its beginnings in 1933 to liberation in 1945. Timed passes are required to view the permanent exhibition. Free passes are given out daily on a first- come, first-served basis. Advance passes may be purchased by calling (800) 400-9373 or by visiting www.tickets.com. A service fee applies.


    Southwest Waterfront- Choose from one of the many restaurants along Maine Avenue and Water Street.


    Jefferson Memorial- A 19-foot bronze statue of the third President of the United States.

    FDR Memorial- Four outdoor "gallery" rooms featuring 10 bronze sculptures depicting the life and times of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt—and his beloved dog, Fala!

    National Mall- Visit the Korean Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument. While you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop and take a photo of the White House.

    Arlington National Cemetery- a 500-acre site containing the graves of President John F. Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and his brother Robert, as well as the Arlington House and the Women in the Military Memorial.


    Georgetown-This historic area is a shopper's and diner's paradise, home to many fine restaurants, cafés and charming shops.

    Day Three


    Washington National Cathedral- The sixth largest cathedral in the world offering magnificent views of Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia from its 57-acre site.

    Lunch and Afternoon

    Dupont Circle - This neighborhood is a wonderful mix of grand mansions, art galleries, sidewalk cafés and unique museums, including the Textile Museum, Woodrow Wilson House and the Phillips Collection.

    International Spy Museum - Explore the craft, practice, history and contemporary role of espionage in one of Washington's newest museums. Located at 800 F Street, NW, one block from the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station. Tickets are $14 for adults, $13 for seniors, $11 for children and children 4 and under are admitted FREE. For more information, visit www.spymuseum.org.


    MCI Center - Take in a professional sporting event or concert at this downtown arena. Or enjoy an evening of theatre at one of Washington DC's finest: the Kennedy Center, National Theatre, Arena Stage, Ford's Theatre or Warner Theatre

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    The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Museum of Natural History (Ok, two buildings in the same museum!)

    The Lincoln Memorial (and then, walk out front to the Viet Nam War Memorial, then walk to the Korean War and WW II memorial, then peer over to the Washington Monument). Ok, once again, a bunch of things, but they are all right next to each other!

    The US Capital, especially if Congress is in session. While you are driving from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital, look to the left around 19th Street and take a peek at the White House as you drive down Constitution Avenue....

    Oh, oh, if you have time an interest go to the National Zoo. See the Pandas!! They are great!!

    Well, there is so much to see in DC. It is one of the best tourist cities, and a great place to visit. The subway is safe and convenient and easy to use.

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    The memorials and the Smithsonian. Allow plenty of time for the Smithsonian! I think my favorite was the museum of American History. Also, the Holocaust Museum is very moving and interesting. Note that a good way to see the monuments is to take a bus tour. They can get you around to all of them plus some of the other key sites easily and quickly - plus it will help you get your bearings in the city if you haven't been there before. There are lots of cool restaurants, bars and shops in Georgetown, FYI. I gotta say that I wouldn't waste my time on visiting Congress or the White House - I didn't think those were that interesting. Hope you have a great trip. It's a fascinating city. Oh yeah, Arlington Cemetary is worth a visit, too. And one other tip - their rail system is clean and very easy to use.

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    I say the Lincoln Memorial is great, the White House is interesting..., the Jefferson Memorial is ginormous and cool, the Monument is right across from the Lincoln Memorial (might want to check that out if you're going to see Lincoln) and the Vietnam Memorial is looonnnngggg and very awesome. Just a few recommendations for your trip, but the top 3 for me are: Lincoln, Jefferson, and Vietnam Memorial. Have fun at Washington DC!

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    Definitely the capital building..then the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian. If you're looking for more after those three then go to the WWII memorial and the Vietnam memorial for sure! The White House may not be as great as everyone says..

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    Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy Gravesites, Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington House, Kennedy Center, Lincoln, Vietnam & Korean War Memorials, White House, Washington Monument, Arts & Industries Bldg & Smithsonian Castle, Air & Space Museum, US Botanic Gardens, Union Station & National Postal Museum, U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress & Supreme Court, National Gallery of Art, Museum of Natural History, Museum of American History, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jefferson Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Old Post Office Pavilion, Ford'sTheatre & FBI, National Archives & US Navy Memorial, National Law Enforcement Memorial,National Museum of American Art, National Portrait Gallery & MCI Center.

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    1. Georgetown

    2. Lincon Memorial

    3. U.S. Capitol

    4. DC itself

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    1st day:

    The smithsoian museums (Air and Space, american history, orginial, ..., depends on your interest)

    2nd day:

    Arlington, Tomb of unknown solder, crystal lee

    3rd day:

    Washington monument, Lincoln, white house

    (make sure you get up early to get tickets)

    Tip: Pay for one of the trolley tours it is afforable and they have lots of stops where you can get on and off

    Source(s): Native of DC
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