[Christians & Jews] What is the meaning, significance, etc of such unique Scripture in John 18:5-6?

One of the characteristics of Scripture validity is that the same event or message is mentioned in several books of the Bible. The OT has many multiple recording of the same time frame. NT fulfillment matches the OT prophesy. The 4 gospel books proclaim the same Good News. But John 18:5-6 describes a unique event during the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane where the soldiers went back & fell.

The NASB online frequently has multiple footnotes & crossreferences for each verse, but there are none for these two verses.

What does it mean it there is no OT prophesy being fulfilled to reference? Or, no other scripture about the topic? What is the significance of this passage? Was it ~His breath~ as He spoke - a-la Benny Hinn blowing people down?

The parallel Jewish Bible & Hebrew Names Version use the all-cap "I AM." Jesus said, "I AM," other times w/o that effect of people going backward & falling to the ground. Why this time? Why ONLY this time?

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    There are many things that Jesus did where the Tanach (OT) fulfillment is hard to find such as Jesus walking on water. Then we find an obscure little passage in Job where we read that God "treads on the sea". In the case of the "I AM" statement knocking the sense out of the arresting officers, I do not think there is any prophecy related to it other than what would have happened to Moses if he didn't take the shoes off his feet. We do know one thing, and that is that Jesus was not just saying "I AM", He showed that there was power and authority behind it.

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    I really don't know for sure why it's only mentioned in the gospel of John, but I have a guess.

    John was quite probably an eye-witness to the event, since he was one of the three who had been praying (sleeping) nearby.

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