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Does anybody know why the Spanish are unable to learn English? (There language is all over our country).?

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    I'm guessing that you're talking about Spanish-speaking immigrants from places like Mexico and South America. Previous answerers have had a lot to say about this question, so I'll just add a little.

    The Spanish-speaking immigrants I know would very much like to learn English so they can get ahead in the United States. However, they often work long hours for very little pay so they can just put food into their mouths and the mouths of their families. This leaves them with very little time and/or money to spend on English classes. For example, I know a 72-year-old woman who works long days for very little pay cleaning people's houses, and she's desperately trying to learn English, but she doesn't have the time or money to take many English classes. People often take advantage of her by only paying her a few dollars an hour for her hard work. It's really not fair.

    It's not a question of inability, it's a question of limited resources. I imagine that if you were in the same situation, it would be hard for you too.

    Just so you know for the future, Spanish is the name of the language, but the people are called Mexicans, Venezuelans, Argentinians, and so on. A term that works for all people of those backgrounds is Latino/a/os. If you say someone is Spanish that means the person comes from Spain.

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    This question sounds racially biased. First of all, Spanish people come from Spain. Are you referring to them or Latinos, Spanish-speaking people? How many languages can you speak? If you moved to China tomorrow would your Chinese be fluent next week? Next year?

    This is AMERICA, which is made up of people from all over the world. Do you think some poor Spanish-speaking immigrant doing some bulls*it job that an affluent American wouldn't do, can afford to go to a university and just learn English?

    Don't be judgemental against people who you obvlously know nothing about.

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    The Spanish? People from Spain you mean? A culture hundreds of years older than the US?

    All the ones I know spoke excellent English... French, Italian and German too, all being shcool subjects in Spain.

    Now, perhaps the question might be, how many Americans can manage a second or third language...?

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    this is not necessarily an answer for this question.

    Unfortunately, a great deal of this Yahoo Answers is about racial profile. There is no such thing as being unable to learn. They will learn when it's convenient for them.

    What is wrong with people speaking other language in your country? Doesn't the Constitution guarantee freedom of expression? Is there any article about language? I don't think so...

    Foreigners--some brought as slaves--and immigrants helped to make US independent and the richest country in the world.

    Source(s): Personal experience as a foreign exchange officer at US Naval Academy for two years.
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    many LATINO people in the usa choose not to learn english, this is very much to their disadvantage because it hinders them from better jobs and positions with in society. However, many latinos DO learn english and speak it well but still use spanish often. As a society we need to have one official language (english) in all of our government business. If you can't take a drivers license test in english, you have no business getting one. Billingual education needs to be ended as well. Simply put, if you choose to come to this country, you must learn its language, english. Many, perhaps even most "latino" people do make that effort, and are hardworking productive members of the united states.

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    This is a ***** stupid stereotypical question.I dont know what you mean by spanish, but just because some people have not learned it doesnt mean they cant and it doesnt mean all people of one ethnicity cant. And there language is all over the country because there are alot of spanish(whatever u mean by spanish)and they're not just gona learn english and stop talking spanish. DUH

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    By Spanish if you mean Latinos/Hispanics, then you're wrong honey. My mother is hispanic, and she speaks english fluently. So can the rest of her family. And most of the Hispanics I talk to can speak English. They're probably speaking Spanish because they don't want you to know they're making fun of you.

    Come to think of it, I bet most of them know more about English grammar than you do.

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    That´s no true. I´m Spanish(but not living in USA)and I speak English well.Also,I know of friends that are there and they said me that people understand what they say.

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    When you say Spanish, I hope you mean people from Spain, and not simply people who speak Spanish.

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    You are dealing with immigrants, they need time, to adjust.. dont blame them because corporations write everything in spanish as well, they want there money... so dont blame the new immigrants.

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