How does a supercharger work?

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    2 decades ago
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    A supercharger is a belt-driven device that forces extra air into the engine. More air in the engine means more fuel can be burned, and this makes more horsepower. They come in several different styles, but all work basically the same. Superchargers designed for specific vehicles are rated in a unit called psi, which tells how much extra air is forced into the engine. The ones that are not designed for a specific vehicle produce different psi depending on the details of the application. Usually, you need around 20 psi to double horsepower. A stock engine can typically only handle 7-8 psi, which results in a power increase of around 30-40 percent, or about one third.

    Superchargers are reliable, deliver good performance, and are relatively fuel efficient, but are often quite expensive.

  • Dan
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    2 decades ago

    Herman is right on. Superchargers are typically belt driven and use a centrifugal rotating assembly to boost the pressure of the incoming air/fuel mixture. They do use some horsepower to operate but the return far exceeds the amount needed to turn the vanes. Turbo charging uses exhaust gas flow to turn a turbine giving the same boost. It is less efficient, i.e., less boost for a given application but does not rob any horsepower. In addition turbos generally take up a lot less space under the hood. For street applications, turbos are generally better...not as radical. But then you can't beat the whine of a supercharger. Everybody knows what's under the hood!

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    A super charger is a pump, running off of the front of the engine that feeds into the carbureator to produce more power.

    A motor has to be extra strong to endure the stresses

    and totally re-tuned. Such a moter, typically has lower compression and very large cooling and exhaust systems if it is driven regularly.

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    Forced air induction. Pressurises the combustion chamber giving more power. The more pressure the more power.

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