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What are the top 10 qualities a great reporter should possess?

in order of importance

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    Here it is in my humble opinion.


    A reporter MUST absolutely be a very curious person. This is by far the number one thing and it outweighs all of them. Interested in how things work, and why people are they way they are.

    2)Communication Skills

    You have to be able to communicate with people, interpret what information they give you, and present it to others.


    This goes without explanation.

    4) Ability to be neutral and unbiased

    5)People Skills

    A lot of hard news/beat reporters don’t have great people skills, but the best reporters do.

    6)Writing Skills

    This is kind of a no brainier. Even broadcast journalists benefit with writing skills. Journalists need to be able to write clearly and using few words.


    Craziest thing, some people you have to write about don’t like you or don’t care about you. You have to be able to call them over and over and over and follow them around like a stalker sometimes to get the information you need.


    You need to be brave enough to write the truth, no matter what the consequences. Sometimes it’s not easy. You end up almost becoming friends with your sources over time, and then one day you may be forced to write something negative about someone who thought they were your friend. That’s just the nature of the business. Also, sometimes you have to get mean with people who try to stonewall you and hide the truth.

    9)A skill or interest in something else

    It helps a lot if you have a skill or interest in something else. For instance journalists that know a lot and have a lot of interest in a certain subject are usually valuable.

    10)Competitive Spirit

    Journalism is a competitive business. Jobs are few and far between. Also, once you get a job, you have to be competitive to beat your opponents (other stations, papers) to the story.

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    Qualities Of A Good Reporter

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    Hmmm.. Lemme try :

    Ability to see the bigger picture

    Courage to face the outcomes


    Hard Working nature

    Good communication skills

    Ability to bring out information from others

    Should be able to take risks

    Should have common sense skills apart from brain power :P

    Whew .. I cant think of more ..:P

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    1 . nose to news

    2. must be honest

    3 . must spice up to grab the attention of the audience

    4. should stress on the topic to grab attention

    5.make catchy slogans to grab attention

    6. the news must have clarity

    7.must be accurate

    8. must have facts to prove the news

    9. must have an evidence

    10. confidence while presenting the news

    i think this is all i can think of

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