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How do you say hello and goodbye in Chinese? In both Cantonese AND Mandarin?

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    mandarin -

    hello: ni hao

    goodbye: zai jian

    cantonese -

    hello: nai hou

    goodbye: zoi jin

    你好=hello (in both dialects)

    再見=goodbye (also in both dialects)

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    Cantonese Hello

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    Hello:Ni Hao

    goodbye: zai jian


    Hello: nai hou

    goodbye: zoi jin

    However, depending on the situation and context, other words have become commonly used to say both hello and goodbye.

    Many Manadarin speakers answer the phone by saying Wei Ni Hao and end the conversation by using the ubiquitous english phrase Bye-Bye--but with a distinctive chinese accent.

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