what is the best way to obtain venture capital for a business idea?

I am looking for a guide on how to approach Venture capital firms with an idea for a business in the technology sector.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    First, write a business plan. An idea without written plan is not a viable business idea. Try to concise the business plan into major blocks of market, product/service, marketing plan, how to deal with competitor or lack of competition (brand new product/service), cashflow estimate, capital plan (seed or development or expansion), and --very important-- brief resume of key people. No need to write lengthy pages. 2-5 pages are okay.

    Second, bring plan to trusted friends and hear an honest feedback. If you get a nod, then you go to next step. If no, go back and refine your idea/plan.

    Third, bring the plan to venture capitalists. Search available venture capitalist in the internet. Or you may send straight to Garage.com.

  • 4 years ago

    you want a employer plan and a inventive and prescient on the thanks to realistically make your traders rich. because you've patent pending (you're saying), you could now exhibit your invention to others whom you've self assurance now to not run out and commence making them before you do. you could't implement your patent till (and except) it truly is issued, which will nicely be countless twelve months from now, if ever. The NDA situation that Dave shows would backfire with some sorts of traders. they have the tips-set that in case you could't believe them which includes your theory then why ought to they believe you with their funds. Get a employer plan, get some angel funds and commence cracking. in case you discover improvements for your invention, excellent this second record further provisional purposes which will help more beneficial insurance on your next patent software.

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