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Is the book 'Philosophy of Time Travel' as mentioned in movie 'Donnie Darko' is a real or a fictional one?

I would like to know the truth behind 'Philosophy of Time Travel' that whether this totally a fiction created by the director.

The concept of parallel universe is a real theory in physics which was proposed to clear the ambiguities of time travel. But I want to know the truth of things like tangent universe, artifact, manipulated dead etc.

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    The Philosophy of Time Travel book, as well as its complete contents (tangent universes, etc), is a work of fiction, created by Richard Kelly, who wrote and directed it.

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    Unless Richard Kelly changed the book's title to the Donnie Darko book, I did not find it on Amazon.com. The book "Philosophy of Time Travel" featured in the movie is supposedly by a Roberta Sparrow. I was not able to find such an author, or a title that is close to this. I believe it is a fictional book made up for the movie.

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    The Philosophy Of Time Travel

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