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how old is the united states?

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    This depends on what you consider the birth of the U.S. If you measure from the Declaration of Independence (1776), then it's 229 years old.

    However, what followed the war for independence was actually a loose and ill-fated confederacy that fell apart because nothing compelled the states to cooperate and, say, fund an army. The United States as we know it today really started with the Constitution, which went into effect in 1789, making the current republic 216 years old.

    England recognized the United States in 1783, so if you ask them the U.S. is 222 years old.

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    how old is the united states?

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    How Old Is America

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    since officially 1776 -

    how ever, America was founded by the spainards/europeans in 1492

    but the chinese general of gz in china traded and traveled roughly 1,000 years before the date of 1492

    and again in 1421

    before christopher colombus. it was erik the red a viking who had discovered America

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    notice the people who said 229 said that 10 years ago

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    238... 1776 - 2014 is 238 years... how did you get 229?

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    237 yrs.old

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