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gatita asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Music · 1 decade ago

how do you copy and paste the URL?

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    First drag across the URL to highlight it. The URL is at the top of the page on the navigation bar. For example;_ylt=AtFvEyC7_4...

    Now click ctrl c, go to the document you want to paste to and click ctrl v.

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    Right click on the URL. A little grey box will appear with different options. Click copy. Then, open up another internet page and click on the URL. (Right Click) The box will appear and click paste.

    Viola! You have copy and pasted a URL.

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    How do you copy and paste the URL?

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    click the URL at the top of the page. When it is highlighted, right-click on it and select paste from the drop-down menu. Then right-click wherever you want to paste it and select paste from the menu.

    or you can use Ctrl C and Ctrl V

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  • 1 decade ago

    Highlight the url, right click, click copy, then whereever you want it to be just right click, then press paste!! Thats it!

    Good Day and I hoped i helped a bit.

  • Select the URL and hit CTRL and C and then hit CTRL V to paste it in the document of your choosing.

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    control c then control v

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