My chances of getting into westpoint or ivyleague?

Freshmen Year: 3.8 GPA (unweighted)

Sophomore Year:

1st / 2nd Sem

Alg2/Trig: B+/A

History: A/A

English A/A

Elective: A/A

Chem H: C+/A

Chinese 3: A/A

Junior Year:

AP Stat: A/A

APush: A/A

AP Bio: A/A

AP Chinese A/A

Pre - Calc: A/A

AP Enviornmental Science: A/A

English H: A/A


Eagle Scout

Venture Scout: Gold Award

Presidential Award Bronze

President of Malaria Awareness Club ( Since Sophomore Year)

Treasurer of Asha Club (helping improve lives of children in India)(Since junior year)

In ROCK club(support group), YCS, and Key club

On the Varsity Golf team 4 years straight

SAT II: Bio, Chem, Math II, US history all 700+

SAT: 2100

AP's are all 5's


Also does being Vice President of my Crew and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader of my troop help?

Update 2:

I'm a junior

Update 3:

how do I make my resume stronger?

Update 4:

Crew = troop except it means like the group in Venture Scouts

Update 5:

I want to keep it anonymous as possible but my school is ranked top 50 in the country

Update 6:

Gahhh I dont know how to reply, ok if West Point is a long shot how about like Princeton?

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    Might have a chance at Cornell Early Decision, about 30-35% are admitted. Other than that, admission to an ivy league, Stanford or MIT is a long-shot if an applicant does not have an attribute the highly selective college is seeking such as recruited athlete, wealthy legacy, diversity, special talent. In 2011, 20% of applicants to Brown with a perfect 800 Sat Cr were admitted and 17% of applicants with a perfect 800 Sat Math. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia are more competitive than Brown.

    For West Point, the Academic profile is near Loa(letter of assurance) level. The issue might be the lack of participation in a vigorous team or individual sport.

    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the left of the dialog box. Be sure to open the "Leadership Preparation" link and read it carefully."

    Page 19 of Chapter 2 of the Naval Academy Catalog indicates classes for a high school student to take to make himself competitive for admission. The classes are arranged in a hierarchy:


    Helpful to read the advice on prepping for college offered on Harvard's website:

    The selection process is nearly identical at West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions, course selection etc generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc0...

    The application cycle for the service academies begins December 1 of junior year when the Air Force Academy begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires from juniors applying to attend the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar.

    West Point SLS begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires on January 10. The Naval Academy Summer Seminar begins accepting preliminary applications on February 1.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Uscga AIM also begins accepting applications in February. It is best to apply to all since they are similar and going to one indicates to the Admissions Boards at all that a Candidate is well aware of the regimented lifestyle of an academy Cadet/Midshipman. An applicant needs Psat, Sat or Act scores to be considered for the Summer Seminars. The Psat Math section tests Algebra 1 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Fall after completing these classes. The Psat is only offered once each October. The Sat Math section tests Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Spring of the year taking Algebra 2. The Act Math section tests these subjects and Trigonometry. An extracurricular reading program looking up unknown words in a dictionary helps with the Cr and Writing sections of the Sat:

    Colonel Batchelder indicates the attributes SLS seeks in applicants:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    All the summer programs seek pre-candidates with essentially the same attributes. Usna's is the largest accepting 2250, Usafa Summer Seminar accepts 1125 and West Point SLS 1,000.

    Good Luck!

    Edit: the answer does not indicate West Point is a long shot. It indicates a possibility of an Loa based on academics. Chinese is a critical language to the military. Apply to SLS and the other summer seminars. It costs nothing. Start letting it be known you would like to be your schools rep to Boys State. Service Academies recruit at Boys State. Start practicing the CFA so you can Max it at Summer Seminar.

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  • 8 years ago

    your grades are very good, but everyone applying will be the same or similar. those with the best resumes are going to be accepted. i'm not sure yours is strong enough. it can't hurt too much to apply though. West Point looks good, but the Ivys are a reach depending on the high school you come from. Those grades mean a lot more coming from a prestigious private/Catholic school.

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