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can i have 400 watts of speakers in my car with out an amp?

i need to know if i can and what would happen if i do

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    i dont understand your question. If you mean if you can run speakers rated at 400w off a Head Unit, then yes, you can. They wont sound as good as they should, but nothing will happen to ur car or your speakers. I suggest you run an amp though to get better sound quality.

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    thats like sayin can i brush my teeth with a hard toothbrush.... of course you can!!!!! nothing will happen but just dont buy an amp (if you end up buying one) that exceeds 400watts or you will blow the speakers. but you need an amp to supply the power to the speaker or else you wont get the bass you want just from your stereo. actually you wont get anypower all youll have a is a fancy speaker get the amp

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    if there subwoofers then no... the head unit doesnt put out enough power to run them (thats why you see every system with an amp) so you run the risk of frying your head unit or your going to mess up the speakers from under powering them.. if your looking for a system but dont want to get an amp then look for a set up that is pre amped

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    you can but it will put alot of work on the head unit and if it doesnt blow the head than it will drain the battery because it will start puling power from it

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