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what really is a pearl in surfing?

acourding to wikipedia, haha enough said its wiki but it says:Pearl - accidentally driving the nose of the board underwater, generally ending the ride. if that's true, then why do I see people dip there bourds under water, to get to the next bigger wave? or is that just in movies?

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    When people dive their noses under a wave on the paddle out it's a duck dive to get through the wave. A pearl is diving the nose of the board underwater while catching the wave thus ruining your ride.

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    Pearling is when you paddle for a wave and your nose becomes submerged underwater from either not standing up fast enough on a steep wave or when you are to far forward on the board.

    The Surfboard Man

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    Mikey and John F said it.

    When paddling out, an easy way to get through bigger and crashing waves is to duck dive. That is when the surfer pushes the nose of their board under the water then submerges their body so the energy of the wave does not push them back, making it easy to paddle out through bigger waves.

    Pearling is when you are trying to catch your wave. If you lean too much weight forward, the nose of your board will sink and flip you over, causing you to nose dive and ending your ride.

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    its when your trying to get a wave but your to far up on the board so when the wave starts pushing you the nose gets stuck under the water an ou fall off by going going under waer with the your diving for a pearl

    its hard to explain so just watch this guy on youtube do it

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    I don't think anyone can say it better than Mikey did. paddling out = duck dive; riding a wave in = pearling.

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    Nosediving the board.

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