What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well, Web Design is the process of building the frontend of the website. In other words, the look of your website. Whereas web development is making it working and dynamic so that shows you results according to your query.Development for a website serves the purpose of users to see dynamic results, like moviebooking websites, e-commerce websites, etc...which involves some transactions. By transactions , means you enter a query for something and in return you get an answer. Consider moviebooking website. If the want to book a show for tomorrow, you will check if there are tickets available or not. Website shows if there are available. If yes, you book them. This all functionality is done by some programming using server side scripting language and a database like MySQL. Whereas Web designing involves only designing a website by using softwares like photoshop and HTML langauge. Such websites are informative. They are not user interactive generally. Hope that helps!

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    Difference between web develpoment and web designing :

    Web design is the process of creating the look, feel, and branding of a Website. This should be seen as auto body work. You are working on the exterior (front end) features of your Website. Web design includes the creation of logos, graphics, and other advanced visual elements such as FLASH. while

    Web development is the programming (data processing) of your Website. This should be seen as building the engine of an automobile. Web development often refers to data driven Websites but also refers to other automated features such as mail scripts. Web developers add the functionality to your Website. This may be a shopping cart, registration system, or any other automated tasks you might have that, in most cases, require a database.

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    Web Design is designing the website, but not making it yet. Like designing it on paper. Web Development is the actual process of building the website.

  • 4 years ago

    Web Design and Web Development are the same thing but computer programming is making computer programs instead of making web pages which is what the other 2 are. For example when people made Yahoo that was web design and web development but who made windows is computer programing.

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    7 years ago

    Web design is the production and maintenance of a websit, while web development is the development of a website over the internet or the worl wide web.

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    7 years ago

    A web designer mainly focuses on the layout of the website to where web development is the full range of it all. Web Developers work on the back end of things through MSSQL and ASP or MySQL and PHP. They then develop the front ends and focus on keyword research, SEO and performance.

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