Where can I find Yaoi porn?

My girlfriend wants to watch yaoi and I can't seem to find any of it. Well specifically I'm looking for a site that has a yaoi series like the one she is looking for. I think its called Boy Love. Thanks in advance!

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    You can find all these at veoh.com

    you won't find explicit yaoi like boku no pico in YouTube.com

    Also you can find most of these animes in anilinkz.com

    Also here is the list of yaoi animes... Just in case

    Really explicit yaoi:

    1. Sensitive Pornograph

    2.Enzai (disturbing kinda)

    3.Okane ga nai (No Money)

    4. Boku no sexual harassment

    5. Boku no Pico (extremely explicit and shota)

    Yaoi not so explicit:

    1.Ikoku irokoi Romantan

    2. Level C

    3. Ai no Kusabi

    4. Fake

    5. Junjou Romantica (number 1 yaoi anime, and long)


    7. Maiden Rose

    Light yaoi (shounen ai):




    4. Gakuen Heaven

    5.Descendants of darkness

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    Yaoi *can* be pornographic. This depends, however, on how you feel about it. Many Yaoi anime series never do the hardcore stuff. A lot of implications are showed, but never does an anime reveal "too much" -- to the point where the romance seems to be lost. Yaoi's best attribute is the use of romanticism. I think the sex isn't supposed to be -just sex-. It's suppose to be loooooove. Shounen-ai is a soft-core version of Yaoi. Many Shounen-ai anime series use the boyxboy love as a comedic escape. If the series wasn't categorized as Shounen-ai, many people would probably overlook the love and it would go unseen. Yaoi isn't porn. Hentai is. :|

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    well u can always find yaoi on youtube.com (i always watch it on there)

    then there's veoh.com which i use too

    and if she wants to download them here is the site for it:


    ------> has anime and some live action


    gives u some titles of live action yaoi

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    You can watch all yaoi anime and OVAs here (free + no download) ~ http://beautifulyaoi.webs.com/

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    lol awkward considering i'm straight...

    try these 2 sites:

    http://gogoanime.com/ (it has a lot of anime shows)

    http://veoh.com/ (specializes in shows shown in different countries like Japan)

    or try torrenting if you have no luck in those a good torrent site is isohunt.com and a good bittorrent client is uTorrent

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