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Does anyone have spell to become a human? >:(?

help i'm going swimming in three days and i'm a mermaid i don't have a symbol so i can't take that off does anyone have a reverse or human spell please i really need one. don't say anything mean all of those people out there who say mermaids aren't real have you ever even tried a spell or a potion. again please don't post unless who have something helpful to say.

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    Yes there is a potion you can get that will let you take over a females body. It is quite difficult tho

    First of all, you will need to get a sacrifice for Poseidon. For the circumstance, you will need a male human.

    Then once you received the human, bring him on a deserted island and you will need to extract his seamen. This may be difficult but I assure you he will give it up eventually.

    Once you received the seamen you will need to offer him to Poseidon, just knock him out and throw him in the water.

    Now that you have the seamen, you will need to get some very rare ingredients.

    You will need some Anti Freeze, Drain-o and possibly some Scented laundry detergent.

    Once you've acquired all these items, you must find a suitable female body. Tell her you will lead her to some treasure, she will follow you. Give her your potion of Drain-o, anti-freeze and Laundry detergent. Lube yourself up with the seamen and slide your way up her vagina, once inside you may control her body.

    Hope this works for you!

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    one million) You are both wholely side of a faith or certainly not. You can not be "side Wiccan", that is like announcing you are "side Christian". Things do not paintings that approach. You cannot simply meld a number of matters in combination and declare it is "Wicca" or anything. That's an insult to each Wicca and anything "faith" you "borrowed" from. two) Vampires do not exist. No subject how frequently you recite an "incantation" you are no longer going to become one. Your "signs" are what is referred to as "vigor of notion", specially in case you and your "pal" have become the equal signs. You're informed to count on a few variety of "aspect results", now you are feeling them. It's like me telling you that if I provide you a spell to end up a mermaid (a further creature that doesn't exist genuinely) and say that after you are performed your spell you can believe your legs tingle, then immediately you believe your legs tingle. I've implanted the unconscious notion that that is what is going to occur, and your unconscious has fulfilled it. You're no longer truthfully becoming some thing, simply your mind fooling you into pondering whatever is going on. Give it a couple of days and the "aspect results" will depart and you're going to be no distinct than you have been the day prior to this. Possible LOGICAL explanations in your "signs": -Sensitive enamel = situation no longer distinguished in steady individuals, prompted by means of brushing too difficult, enamel decay, gum ailment, grinding enamel and so forth. Use touchy toothpaste -Increased urge for food = can also be prompted by means of loss of sleep; problems corresponding to diabetes or hypothyroidism -Burning throat = bloodless; throat contamination; strep throat, and so forth -growing thirst = viable diabetes, dehydration, malnutrition, and so forth -insomnia = potentially from a snooze ailment, despair, strain -fatigue = outcomes of insomnia -"sugar rush" = can also be outcomes of insomnia I'd often search aid out of your surgeon and even a further surgeon if you're significantly experiencing those signs. You could have a few form of inner main issue that may most effective worsen through the years.

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    why would u wanna be a human for???! how did you become a mermaid??! But if u wish i did make a spell to break a mermaid spell...? that might help? if you want we can do a trade?

    my email

    the reason why i want to be a mermaid is my sister is one and i want to join her and i cant being human :'(

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    I have a secret spell.

    I can't post it here or email you.

    You'll have to visit me.

    I have all the ingredients you'll need to do the spell. So visit me IN PERSON and I'll show you.

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    you could get a spell at your local gas station

    Its inside.of a cracker jack bag

    Look inside.there should be a paper

    There you go

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    say the spell backwards

  • 9 years ago

    Ya sure. Come by my house IN PERSON and I'll help you out. :P

  • 9 years ago

    Yes but you will have to vist me and "convince" me to give it to you

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