What are common mistakes in Web page design?

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  • 5 years ago
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    The single commonest one is omitting the DTD line - the Document Type Definition that tells the web browser what version of html the page is written in.

    The next is using html5 for the sake of it, when a large percentage of the world's web browsers cannot properly handle it. They don't display pages properly or even lock up on some..

    Another is using masses of javascript and including many libraries to do pointless effects that are no benefit to the page.

    Using Wordpress to do "real" web sites; it was created for blogs and is slow and inefficient compared to properly written "native" html & php.

    Not checking pages for errors... The W3C have a free validator that anyone can use to check for errors and markup typos etc., but few people use it.

    Using large size graphics directly in main pages, rather than small images or thumbnails that link to the full size images, if that's even needed.

    A good site has a high percentage of useful, visible content compared to the overall page size.

    It should be fast and responsive - there is no reason any normal web page should take more than a fraction of a second to load, assuming a reasonable internet connection.

    Pages that take several seconds frustrate people and make them want to go elsewhere..

    [Electronics designer & programmer for 40 years].

  • 5 years ago

    1) Making a page that is too 'crowded' or 'busy' (think: <marquee> tags, the old <blink> tag, etc.)

    2) Using multiple colors and fonts unnecessarily (usually 1-3 is good)

    3) Not making your site responsive (i.e., it changes depending on what size browser you're using).

    4) Having a high code-to-text ratio

    5) Including inline scripts and/or stylesheets too much

    6) Typos and other clerical errors

    7) Not following what the client wants!

    8) Not taking into account loading times. This can be fixed by using comparatively low-res images, icon spriting, and lazy-loading.

  • 5 years ago

    Although the other answers are valid, they are more on the side of "development" (coding).

    The MAJOR mistake in web DESIGN is the lack of Marketing techniques! A site must SELL its product, even if the "product" is grabbing visitors.

    In any order:

    - Not clearly showing what the site is about (90% of the cases).

    - Not having "terms and conditions"

    - Not having a clear "contact-us" form/tab

    - Not displaying the copyrights (legal), designer and developer.

    - Too complex navigation

    - Not having a search facility when having numerous products (shops)

    - Not making the site to follow "AIDA" (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

    - Asking client CC details while in non-secure mode.

    - Usually, using ANY framework (amateurism)

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