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How much does it cost (in avrage) to hire a web designer to design a "complicated" website?



A proffesional web designer that is.

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    First you need to be sure you need a Web Designer. There are two types, Web Designers and Web Developers. "Complicated" in web talk mean it requires programming. You will need a Web Developer who can create functionality that will perform do a specific task (usually in PHP or .NET, programming languages).

    Programmers/Web Developers usually have more training and cost more than Web Designer. That means they have a college degree and salaries can range between $60,000 and $70,000 per year. Broken down into an hourly including over head between $100 and $150/hour.

    Brochure Sites usually start at $1,000 (no programming)

    eCommerce sites usually start at $4,000 and go up from there.

    Full Portal sites start at $10,000 and go up from there.

    * Note: This is for established web developers with an extensive portfolio.

    Source(s): Resources for people wanting to hire a web developer - Web Designer vs. Web Developer -
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    Another thing that web designers consider when figuring the average rate of a complicated project is how long it will take to get the project done. Another thing is in what country you’re going to hire a web designer.

    Take a look at this info graph that might give you an idea what is an average salary of web designers around the world.

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    That really depends on how complicated and what you mean by "complicated". If you're meaning that you want on-page scripts or php knowledge that don't come as standard then you could be looking at thousands of dollars.

    There are cheaper ways of course - look at sites like Don't go to sites like Fiverr and try to cobble the site together on the cheap - that would probably end in a mess.

    Good luck.

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