How do I increase traffic to my website?

I have a business opportunity website.

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    Search Engine Marketing and Optimization are the two fields that deal with getting traffic to websites. Search Engine Optimization is the most affordable but takes time and commitment. Search marketing (PPC) can be expensive, you need to have a call to action on your site and a system to convert visitors into buyers. Otherwise you are just pouring money into nonconvertible traffic.

    Here is an article that I wrote about internet marketing its a good introduction if you need an overview to DIY:

    I and perhaps many other people answering questions in this section of Yahoo answers work within internet marketing every day, you may find a freelancer or agency that is affordable.

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    Website visitors is the main time! Without folks there's not anything! No cash, folks, no not anything! The simplest choice you've gotten is paid promoting. Free will simplest paintings approximately five% of the time, despite the fact that there are a few loose choices! Be certain so as to add your internet site to Google aswell. And as many different web sites as feasible. Make Youtube Videos Promoting your website. The drawback being is that your website is method to undeniable and dull and also you must signal as much as write Forums! People are not able to be troubled signing as much as a website that has infrequently any folks. As your website unfolds and inflates with extra folks, then you definitely will have to upload that function. Good Luck!

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    well... use some search engine optimization tricks we can increase traffic and page rank easily.

    Main basic thing is you should work on various factors of SEO ( search engine optimization) to get your site rank & traffic well in the search engines.

    Basically, you should link your site to various sites outside the world. Once you get a good number of links, and when you give links to your site and maintain certain aspects in your site like updating the content regularly etc.,

    Do some link building work for your site, then we will get good traffic to your site.

    I'm working for an SEO company. However, feel free to write to me about any further queries.

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    There is no way you can quickly attract traffic to your website unless you know some website owners whose websites have huge amounts of traffic and they write about you and/or put a link back to your site on the home page or on any other very visible area of their website.

    You can search the Internet as much as you want and spend countless days looking for the answer. All you will find is about how to make your website more SEO friendly and techniques to get better rankings in pages - subscribe your website to directories, spam on blogs/forums, use viral emailing, link exchange (i listed only some of the techniques that don't necessary require you to pay money).

    But I know that you meant more like "How can I attract traffic now?" not "How can people find me in Google if they search for [your keyword] in two years time".

    I built a website trying to help people like you and me. It's called 2famous and it's hosted at . Create your account and become the one in charge with the Internet marketing and your website promotion and increase your web site traffic now. offers a free and unique Internet marketing service: booking websites on the home page of Over and over and over again. And of course, everything is cost-free and even ad-free. It's not the kind of "subscribe and forget" service. But rather it encourages you to actively promote your website on a daily basis by booking it on the home page of

    The website is newly launched (it launched on June 16th, 2008) but it aims to be the one solution to people like you and me who don't know the people in the staff of digg and we don't hang out with the guys from techcrunch...

    Check it out! famous!

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    1. Write articles and submit to articles directories two of the top directories are and

    2.Use web 2.0 and social book marking sites like myspace, facebook and more.

    3. Use joint ventures with people who have been the business for long.

    4. PPC- this is paid method wich can very expenses if you don't know what you are doing.

    Go to t o see for yourself.

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    I would add more content to my site and make sure it has all the proper meta tags and keywords within it. Once you have that done, write at least one new page a week in content. Also try writing information articles and submitting them to article directories with your backlink in the author bio. If you have budgeted for advertising I would start a PPC campaign with AdWords, Clicksor, 7Search, or Yahoo.

  • I tried this software out and I have seen a +300% increase in traffic in the last 4 months!

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    Write articles about your website or ideas.

    Submit your website for users to review, free!

    Post Free Classifieds.

    Go to Famous Pages

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    For ideal SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION outcomes My spouse and i suggest utilizing Google Search Bot: Employing that software We have graded our site to first page of Google on a quite high aggressive keyword.

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    Checkout for targeted traffic

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