what's the benefit of making wordpress your own vs. just publishing online?

I found a download from their website full of webcode. I am guessing that it's to publish on your own webspace....but then what....

I already have account on worpress and am able to make postings on my "wall" or whatever....

so what's the point of creating your own server? what are the benefits?

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    8 years ago
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    More control. If you have your own webhosting space, you can do more, like install wordpress, create your own theme for wordpress (if you know how) or use another theme you like, use plugins, run ads on your site, have email, run multiple programs, the list is endless.

    At wordpress.com you get to make posts on your blog. That's about it.

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    You will have full ownership of the website. If your website becomes popular, you can monetize it and earn money from it. Eventually, you can sell it off for a multiple of the monthly profits, similar to a normal business.

    If you publish only on their platform, you will have to follow their terms and it is possible to be taken down if you violate them. You also can't sell it as you don't own the blog.

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