Advice on website loading speeds?

Hey guys,

My dad has an average computer but loads webpages HORRIBLY slow, in comparison to the very fast internet plan that we purchased. I am typing this question on a much faster and high-endish computer that loads webpages pretty fast. He's convinced (and I kinda think so too) that the problem is due to his non-high-end computer parts, but he doesn't want to fork out cash for a brand new high-end computer. He only wants to buy/upgrade a few parts to increase web performance. My dad uses the internet a lot on the slow computer and wants to know what computer part he should buy/upgrade so he can load webpages much faster.

He uses IE 7 and I use Mozilla Firefox 3, which may make a significant difference, but the difference between our webpage loading speeds are waaay bigger than the normal difference between the 2 browsers. (I've used IE 7 before and I know the speed difference isn't that great).

Should he upgrade his graphics card, CPU, RAM, or something else?

Thanks for your advice guys.


In response to some of the answers given below:

1: Yes, virus may be the problem. I'll ask my dad to run a scan.

2. Registry cleaning is a computer myth. It was busted on Lifehacker. Cleaning the registry won't improve performance.

I don't think my dad would want to use Mozilla. It also might have some compatibility issues with some sites he visits (mostly financial and share trading).

3. Firefox actually consumes more computer resources (I use Firefox 3, not sure about Firefox 2). And I'm not sure if my dad would want to use Firefox for the reasons stated in 2.

My dad is not technologically challenged like some other dads. He was the one that taught me the importance of killing unused processes and keeping the system tray as clean as possible.

My dad has 2GB of RAM. Not sure how a RAM upgrade would help. (and he's running XP, while I'm running Vista)

Thanks, I appreciate your answers. =D

PS. Can someone tell me how to respond directly to answers.

Update 2:

For the new answer about broadband speeds:

Yes I do know about this trick. Even though we are getting a LOT less than what we paid for, we are still getting pretty fast speeds. The main problem is that I am loading webpages MUCH MUCH faster than he is. We are both using the same broadband.

Thanks for your answer anyway. I appreciate it. =D

Update 3:

All your answers so far allude to fixing other problems that may be causing slow internet. Such as using Firefox, checking for viruses, cleaning registry, checking if programs are auto-updating (which can't be the problem, unless his computer updates 24/7), etc. I would like to thank you for your answers but I was looking more for answers regarding computer parts. I'll let you guys choose the best answer (for some reason I can't find how to choose it myself). I'll probably ask my dad to check for viruses, monitor network traffic, and possibly upgrade to Firefox. Ty all!

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    2gb of ram is definitely enough for browsing the web. Unless he has a lot of share trading programs open in the background using a lot of system resources I highly doubt that would be the problem.

    Check his windows isn't auto updating? Or any other program he has.

    I would install firefox on his PC and try the websites (its very unlikely they will have compatibility issues). It will take 5-10 minutes to test that sort of thing and is definitely worth it in the long run.

    But in order of things as I would do it:

    1. in cmd ping the websites and see if you're getting high latency to those websites, it may be a routing issue.

    1a. have task manager open and monitor the network traffic, if you arent loading a website and its still transfering a lot skip to 3.

    2. check how much ram/cpu is actually being used by processes.

    3. check for viruses/spyware

    4. check programs arent auto updating.

    5. once all is fixed use firefox anyway.

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    Joshua T,

    From what I read, I can concur with your suspicion of old hardwares. Here is something that you can try:

    1. Download Firefox (it consumes less memory)

    2. Take a look at the bottom right and kill any processes that has no immediate use to your dad, such as MSN, yahoo, phone software (Only run the software when you need. This way you will conserve more RAM for other immediate use)

    3. If you do need to perform upgrade, do an upgrade on RAM, get it up to at least 1gb on windows xp.

    Hope this helps!

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    first off all since you are using internet too often you might get registry problems.Try using any registry cleaner

    2)I had a problem with IE 7 it makes the computer run slow,try using IE 6 or mozzila 2

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    Hiya !

    As with most Broadband connections - you'll probably find your upload speed is WAY slower than your download speed - Internet providers usually quote their speeds by download.

    Check out this site...

    It will test your connection and tell you what you're ACTUALLY getting as opposed to what you're paying for ! You can either check using the recommended server - or choose from one of many to test your speed I use it regularly to check my connection.

    Good luck !

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    The computer shouldn't matter to much. Have you checked for spyware/malware/virus' . That's the first thing I would do.

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