Best Local Web Designer Quote For Website?

Ok, I'm sure I'm going to get a ton of different answers to this question but here goes.

I am looking for someone to build a website for me and when I started to look for quotes, I found a lot of ads on places like Craigslist and so, I put an ad on there and got a ton of responses from companies in India, Indonesia get the idea.

I went to one of those Freelance sites and once again, I got a lot of quotes from overseas. Not surprising when you see that they are based in Southeast Asia.

I just don't feel comfortable hiring someone that far away and the other thing I wonder about is, are they subject to our laws. What if some cheap designer overseas is doing sites cheap to steal ideas?

I hear about businesses spending a fortune but if their copyright doesn't mean anything, all that can be wasted if the people working on the site are not subject to U.S. laws. Then there is the issue of security. If I have customer information on a database, I don't want someone accessing that isn't accountable. Does that make sense?

So my question is, how do I get competitive quotes for a web designer that are 1: local, 2: certified somehow, 3: managed to make sure they are doing the job?

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    9 years ago
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    Solution: How To Find The Best Local Web Designer for your Website.

    If you're going to "hire a professional to build you a website" I would never use Craigslist or any other "open enrollment" platform. Open enrollment means that anyone can respond (either free or paid, doesn't matter). Don't think because someone paid to join a site that automatically makes them legitimate.

    1: You have to sort through the legitimate bids from the cons and that's not always as easy as it looks. Buyer beware.

    2: Customer Service Problems.

    There are things you're going to have questions about and you want to work with someone who will have all the time you need to answer your questions.

    3: Safely paying for services.

    When you use Craigslist or other free advertising services, you're inviting all kinds of people to write to you offering you anything you want to hear to get money from you. That makes it harder to determine who are legitimate providers and who are just trying to scam you.

    4: No Backup Plan

    If you're doing this yourself, you have to be the one managing your milestones to keep your project on schedule.

    5: Quality/Security Control

    Back doors, viruses, trojans, hacks, and other tricks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing data on your website. Who you hire matters because they know your systems inside and out.

    I'm not going to share copyrighted trade secrets with people who are NOT subject to our laws just to save a few bucks. That's nuts.

    ========================= is definitely on the right track. They have a backup system I've never even heard of that I have a lot of respect for.

    Provider Backup System

    People are people and if there's one thing I've learned is that no matter how reliable someone is, you better have a backup. When you hire someone on your own, you have to hope that they didn't oversell or make promises they can't keep. After all, time is money.

    At, you post your project for FREE and you pick a PRIMARY PROVIDER (the bid YOU picked)

    You also automatically have a secondary provider which is unique to I've never even heard of this before but I love it.

    The Project Manager who you got FOR FREE sets up a backup for you just in case the bid you picked drops the ball.

    Your secondary provider is "standing by" to relieve your primary if they fall behind or do not meet your standards ... without changing your costs one penny.

    Yeah, that's why I like They do all this for free. Very cool.

    1:No "open enrollment" for providers.

    The network is by invitation only and is based on a provider's projects completed and verified skills. You can't just go “sign up” and pay a fee to start sending out bids. I like the idea of them finding the right people that are vetted to be legitimate.

    2: No Fees. I don't ever pay a single fee to escrow funds or "open an account" to post projects. I just post them and when I accept the bid, I activate the project.

    3: Project Manager Assigned automatically.

    Oh boy I like that a lot. The first time you have a problem on your project or you're not getting through to your designer/programmer, you'll be WISHING you had a project manager who will track them down for you.

    I run a business and I know that the person doing the work can't always stop to talk to the customer and keep them up to speed. If they do, they wont get the job done. With, I can communicate with my Project Manager and get fast answers and updates.

    4: On Budget/On Time.

    I've learned the value of this the hard way. When I agree to a bid at, the terms are set and the developer can't come back and ask for more money or hold the project hostage.

    If the Primary falls behind automatically passes the project files to the backup and finishes the project. That's the difference between having a professional Project Manager and trying to manage the project yourself.

    If you can name one other place that can do all that for me while forcing these professionals to bid against eachother for my business, (saving me even more money) I would love to hear about it because it's hard to beat FREE.


    Source(s): Free Project Manager and Free Backup Provider keeps your project on time and on budget. Go to It's FREE.
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    9 years ago

    1) search google for the following sort of stuff

    web designer

    freelance web designer

    web design

    etc, to make it target local companies type in something like

    web designer kent

    freelance web designer kent

    web design kent

    2) There is no certification, ask them to show you previous works and at least a couple of client details that you can talk to in order to check out their service.

    3) a good web developer will ask for a deposit and ask for remainder on completion ( once the site is live and you have approved it )

    Never take the cheapest quote as you will not be getting what you think, for example there are some that claim to be able to build bespoke websites for very small cost, but what they are really doing is getting pre-made templates and changing images and layouts a little.. this is not bespoke.

    make sure you get what you are paying for, its so easy to 'trick' clients into thinking they are getting something that will improve the viability of their company when in reality they have done such a poor job that its a virtual impossibility.

    find a few quotes for local freelancers or companies ( freelancers are best as they are cheaper usually due to no overheads ) and then check them out over the internet.. previous works etc, then join a web design forum and place a link and quoted prices to each and ask them which would they pick ?. Then you should have a really good idea what it is you are getting

    my professional advice as a web developer is not to use companies in India, their work in most cases are sub-standard at best, and there is no contract ( even if you had one it would be impossible to enforce ) so in theory they could take your deposit and run, making you join the thousands of others that have been fooled that way.

    be careful handing over any money to anyone you have never met.

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    9 years ago

    The best sight that I have found that is U.S.Based is

    These people have what it takes to get the job done in a timely manner! Give them

    a try.

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