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Which girls do japanese boys like?

Ok its clear I have a crush for japanese boys xD but how do the japanese boys feels about european ladys?

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    I have the opposite experience, I lived in Japan for 4 years, I fell for a japanese girl and I'm American. It took awhile for her to realize I had feelings for her, I put myself out there, tried to make her happy whenever I could, made her laugh and smile, and won her heart.

    All I can say is that japanese people are very hard to read. They tend to feel more comfortable with people they can talk to, people they have known for awhile. I'm pretty sure its with guys too..

    All I can say is just be that girl, the one who they feel comfortable, don't be too flirty, be calm and happy. Sure enough you'll score :)

    Good luck out there :)

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    Isn't there a Chinatown in Jersey? I dont' don't forget, have not been again in virtually five years, lol. I might say, examine out the "bubble tea" areas, or Asian pool corridor. Lol, I have no idea, I am most effective in part Asian, so there are the one areas I realize.

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    if you noticed many anime shows have the girls with wide eyes....this is actually a preferred look in japan many women actually get eye surgery to have the larger eye look

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