Where can a mixed guy date ?

Please read the following and hope you can help me with ideas:

1- Native country between Europe and Middle East.

2- Both Middle Eastern and European cultures in my native country.

3- 75% of population is Muslim so all over the world, they will keep mixing us with Pakistan or Afghanistan.

4- I'm Secular, Family roots Roman.

5- Me and my family live like Europeans. Also, I'm always mistaken for a European.

6- Dating in my country is very risky because the majority of Muslims in my country are not like us because we are native ,but the rest they came from desert. They may kill the girl and boy if they see them dating "yeah I know, they ruined our country".

7- When I try to date a European girl since Europe is close to us, they will not consider me because they think that I will marry them to get new passport and divorce later. and why would Asian ladies date me if they can date a rich American , European ,etc....

8- I like ladies of following nationalities after my country: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian (My mom have Russian roots) and European.

I dated when I was very young an Egyptian girl but problem will still exist, marriage success in Islamic world is subject to approval of parents even if the boy and girl are in agreement unlike Christian world where marriage depends on the couples' decision and legality of the relationship orientation.

Any ideas? I do not want to be a party guy who sleep with random girls just to have sex, and I do not want prostitutes.

Thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    At a mixer party, you be the DJ

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