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Do japanese boys like european girls?

Do japanese boys like european girls?

EUROPEAN (me)- 169cm, light hair, european eyes [I don't know how people call them], and else.

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    Even today, an average Japanese BOY know a few about European.

    Then, blue eyes and blonde hair is the perfect look for a woman whom they believe to have European mysterious beauty.

    You will become popular, no matter which country are you from and what religion you believe, because Japanese boys know nothing about that.

    In Japan, you will be more popular among teenage boys easily if you come from Croatia or Armenia and have blond hair than the case of you are from France and have burunet hair. Anyway they don't know much about France or Armenia.

    If you speak Japanese, you can easy to find Japanese friends.

    (but you will not be able to make any friend if you can't speak Japanese because almost all japanese teenagers can speak only Japanese.)

    I think Japanese grow into a man slowly.

    In many case, the boys will know much more about everything including people from other countries and other language (and about women) after they start working.

    Source(s): a native Japanese
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    Some do, some don`t. Many do - but are too shy to do anything about it!

    I`m 168 cm, with light hair and "european eyes." I teach in a high school, and my male students often comment that I`m kawaii / cute. Quite a few of them have developed small crushes on me! But I haven`t had much success finding a boyfriend my own age, likely because I live out in the country and there just aren`t that many young men around here. Caucasian friends of mine who live in the city have been much more successful in finding Japanese boyfriends.

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    without problems placed guys like girl. As a lady you could have an less complicated danger of having any detailed prefrence then a person. Becuase guys wish females foolish. Plus Eurochicks are da bomb so when you gunna manage the small penis (teasin ya) you can def get a japanese boy ^^

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    Some do,some don't. Some like blue eyed blondes...You're a little taller than most Japanese women. You'd probably get alot of looks if you went there.

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    Judging by manga and anime, that's all they like...

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    yes, yes, and yes...

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