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Do USA girls find bengali men attractive?

Recently i have been seeing that many hot looking NY women marry bengali men. Even though they dont seem so good looking? What is it that u find so attractive in them?

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    Actually if you go to Google and search are Bengali men then you will find searches like good,intelligent,smart,lovers etc

    Ever since few of us Bengali Hindu(Brahmin/upper caste) posted about the achievments of people of West Bengal,i.e the achievements of Bengali Hindu(Brahmin/upper caste) or Christian/Anglo community in the following blog-INDIAN/CHINESE IQ PUZZLE people in US/UK are becoming more interested in Bengali people.

    But remember that Muslim Bengali have 75 IQ and literacy only 55% while Bengali Btrahmin have IQ 115-122 which is more than Ashkenazi people will be interested only in Bengali Hindu people living in US,not backward,less educated Muslim peasant class Bengali.

    Read my comments in that blog-Indian/Chinese Iq puzzle(well i'm an inventor & Physicist but I will forever remain bachelor).So rather than asking this question you better concentrate on your own future.

    Source(s): Own knowledge/research.
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    7 years ago

    They only like rich bengali men.

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