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how do i make my sideburns grow?

how can i make my sideburns grow iam going on 16 years old so do yall got any tips for me

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    Wait till they grow on their own:Rogain is a waste of money:does absolutely nothing.

    Your genetics will decide when they grow.


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    Use disposable razors on your sideburns shaving morning & nighttime which will can cause them to advance in speedier. Take some suggestion, except you're ineffective set with having a beard once you're 25 with desiring to shave a minimum of two times an afternoon, use an electric powered razor & purely shave once you like it, the longer you may flow between shavings the less you will would desire to do it.

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    There is no way. They will grow if and when your genetic clock says they should. No pills or special treatments or stupid stuff like shaving. Shaving off dead tissue does not make it grow back faster or thicker or anything like that. So just have patience. You are just later than many guys in growing facial hair-- I was shaving a full beard at 13, but had friends that had little to nothing to shave at 17. Just different genes.

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    this might sound bad, but whenever you go to the bathroom, piss a little on your fingertips and then wipe it around the area you want hair to grow. It works.

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    wait till you're man enough

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