how do I prepare my house to be placed on the market? How far in advance should I try to sell it?

Do I paint and replace carpets or just clean it up as best I can? How about major things like window replacement or siding? It's in okay shape now but will need to be replace in the next few years. What season is best for selling a home?

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  • dcgirl
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    1 decade ago
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    Spring is the best time to be selling a home; your house will attract the most potential buyers at that time of the year. As far as time frame and improvements before the sale, that's entirely up to you. If you spend the money on new carpet and paint, etc, you can often raise the selling price a bit and end up with more profit overall; however, a lower priced home may sell a little more quickly. A lot of it depends on how the market in your area is doing; if there are a lot of other homes on the market, you might have no choice but to paint and put in new carpeting.

    Same thing goes for how long it will take to sell. The only way to guarantee a fast sale is by pricing the home well below market. That might or might not be an option for you--- you might find it worth waiting a little longer for a buyer who wants to spend a bit more.

    It's probably best to consult with a local realtor who can describe how your home's condition and desired price line up with what other recent sales have done.

  • AJ
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    1 decade ago

    these are questions that your real estate broker can answer. He/She is your best resource on what will need to be fixed prior to selling and what you can sell it for.

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