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How do i make my teeth grow faster?

I got braces on a year ago. My teeth have always been really slow. They had to pull 2 of my teeth out before i got my braces. they put two springs on where the gaps are. One of the teeth are growing in but no the other. They still have to put the braces on those 2 teeth after they grow in. How do i make my teeth grow faster?

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    i hate to break it to you but, there really is no way to speed up the growth of your teeth.

    in normal health (non malnourished etc...) humans this process is basically genetic and you will just have to deal with it.

    im sure someone will post a link to some website claiming to make your teeth grow faster and stronger but they will need all your credit card info, social security info, name, age, address, parents info and all that jazz so they can rip you off.

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    you can't make it grow faster. you just have to wait, because it takes time.

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