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I need a spell to become a vampire.?

When I look up a spell to Turn into a vamp this same spell keeps on popping up blood red,pale skin, moonlight draw me in, quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain. This spell is from ancient thought or something....its a website. I have tried it and it didn't work but I didn't follow the conditions for it. If any1 knows a spell other than this pls help me. (If u r going to say vamps aren't real don't answer me cause I have seen one irl)

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    First, you need to cast a circle. If you don't know how to do this, then Google it. You can use a wand to help control your energy. Place an item in each direction of the circle as you call the elements and invoke the God and Goddess. You can use salt to purify your circle by sprinkling it around the perimeter. Now that all of that is done, we can begin the spell.

    Sit in the center of the circle, staring down at the photo of yourself. All of your ingredients should be inside of the circle. Light the white candle and sit it next to the photo. Say:

    "Humanity, Humanity, inside of my soul. For you, I have paid the ultimate toll. My humanity is like my life- It is like a flame. But I am tired of this boring game. Everything is always the same."

    Pick up your athame/knife and hold it above the photo of yourself. Say:

    "I no longer want to live or ever tire. I want to die and be reborn. Not as a human, but as a vampire." Stab the photo of yourself with the knife and then pick up the dirt and sprinkle it over the photo. Say:

    "With this dirt that is part of this world. May my humanity be buried and never return. There's no going back from this new torment. No longer shall I know humanity. No longer shall I live like others. No longer shall I breathe or eat. I thirst for blood. I live for blood. I breathe for blood. Gods and Goddesses, please fulfill my transformation."

    Pick up the needle and prick your middle finger (it hurts less on this finger) and then use your blood to put out the flame. Say:

    "I am reborn. The transformation is complete."

    Drink the rest of the blood from your wound and then clean everything up. It is best if you do this before bed. The transformation differs from person to person. Okay, hope this spell works for you. Blessed Be )O(

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    Brandon, I've seen my share of Twilight Yahoo Answers, but never in my lifetime have I seen one written by a male character. You obviously have a far smaller amount of testosterone than most males. But seriously - don't try those spells. One day you're gonna come across one which tells you to swallow a live toad or something, and you're gonna be dumb enough to do it if you keep this up.

    Don't get sucked in by movies.

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    Vampirism can't be caused by a spell. It's a gift you can only receive from someone who is already a vampire.

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    there are two ways:

    first be bitten by a vampire

    second sale your soul to satin himself

    i dont know why you want to be a vampire werewolf's are better they live forever and can live in the sunlight. vampires are cursed by day and werewolf's are cursed by night. werewolf's turn every night except new moons and they get to be human in the day time with all their human friends.

    all you need is a spell to summon satin then make a deal with him

    Source(s): im a werewolf
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    Spin around in front of your mirror 15 times and wish really hard... then punch yourself in a face.

    Poof, your a vampire.

    Not everything you read on the internet is true.

  • No need to repeat yourself. We heard you the first time. What you're looking for doesn't exist. But then you already knew that, didn't you, you naughty troll.

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    Why do u want to be a vampire

  • Anonymous
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    You must be a gay emo,spells don't work,the devil doesn't exist,its all in your head,i know this ain't Twitter but #growup.

    Source(s): You got to be kiddin me,Right?
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    U dont know what ur doing ur crazy

    Source(s): Everybody else
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