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How long does Barium Sulfate for Suspension last in your body after a CT scan?

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    Barium sulphate itself can produce constipation for some people. Normally, in those situation they will be given a mild dose of laxatives to clear barium from the tract. Again, it depends on the route of administration.

    Person who had "barium enema" will clear out the substance within 24 hrs whereas those had a suspension(oral form) should clear out within 48 hrs. Laxatives in this situation will be useful.

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      I m scared as I m also a Science grad in another state & they are making me drink 2 bottles of Barium & I am really scared to do it .

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    Barium Suspension

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    Barium lasts about 24 to 48 hours.

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    I am supposed to have this test, and I was told by another nurse that I can t have a bone density tests for at least 2 weeks after the barium swallow as it stays in your system up to 2 weeks.

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    Gastrointestinal motility is characterized by distinct patterns of contractile activity in the fasting and postprandial(ater eating) periods. This is particularly evident in the stomach and small intestine. The fasting period is characterized by a cyclic motor phenomenon called the migrating motor complex. In healthy people, it occurs approximately once every 90 minutes and comprises a period of quiescence (phase I), a period of intermittent pressure activity (phase II), and an activity front, during which the stomach and small intestine contract at their highest frequency (phase III). During phase III of the migrating motor complex, the frequency of contractions reaches three a minute in the stomach and 11 or 12 a minute in the proximal small intestine. The interdigestive activity front migrates a variable distance down the small intestine; there is a gradient in the frequency of contractions during phase III, from 11 or 12 a minute in the duodenum to as low as five a minute in the ileum. The distal small intestine also demonstrates another characteristic motor pattern—a propagated prolonged contraction, or power contraction—that serves to empty residue from the ileum to the colon in bolus transfers.

    The control and function of contractions in the colon(large intestine) are not fully understood; some irregular contractions serve to mix its contents, whereas high-amplitude propagated contractions (HAPCs), which on average occur four to six times a day, are sometimes associated with mass movement of colonic residue and lead to defecation. After meals of at least 500 kcal, there is a greater propensity for HAPCs to develop and for the tone (i.e., the background state of contractility) of the colon to increase, resulting in bowel movements in the first 2 hours after meals.

    From mouth to rectum, it is usually 18-24 hours that it stays there before it is evacuated. However, the more food you eat after that barium study, the faster that barium will be cleaned in your body(due to gastrocolic reflex). This is true when you have no problems like obstructing cancer somewhere in your gastrointestinal system and also taking into account the constipating effect your barium does in your system. Gastrocolic reflex is a neurologic response of the large intestine to move whenever the stomach walls are stretched in the presence of food.

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    Been where you are. I worried for days that I would throw up. It doesn't look any different than a smoothie and goes down fairly easy. I surprised myself. It does have a berry flavor to it though, so you'll have to work through that. If you really don't tolerate the taste of berry, call ahead and see if there is something they can do to disguise the flavor.

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    I had the procedure done at 2:45 on Monday, today it is 4:29 on Wednesday and I am still having stomach cramps and frequent bowel movements, how much more longer will this happen?

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    i had drank the last of my barium at 2pm yesterday got the test done at 3pm drank 2 160z bottles of water came home had a little dinner at 530pm got a little out nut it was not stomach and stuff was going off and cramping drank another 160z bottle of water.i have ibs with constipation so how long will it take to get out of me

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    Not long at all, it should all be flushed out with in a day or so...

    In school I had to drink some so i would learn what it was like for the patients and it isn't that bad, and comes out quicky

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