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Duke asked in SportsMartial Arts · 9 years ago

Where is the best place in china to learn a kung fu style?

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    9 years ago
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    The best place is really the Shaolin Temple. The downsides are you have to eat monk food, they might not take you, some of the "monks" there are not real monks but actors placed by the Chinese government to make money. Also, kung fu is all you do at the temple. Training is six hours a day. You have to be willing to put everything else in your life on hold for however long you plan to be there.

    but a friend told me that the ''Beijing Wushu Institute'' is also a good place to learn Kung Fu.

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    Which Kung Fu are you looking for? There are hundreds of styles and a Kung Fu school on almost every block.

    The school at the Shaolin temple is not a good place to learn unless you already are proficient in Shaolin Kung Fu, have connections and are fluent in the Chinese language. There are 30,000 students. The school is HUGE! and 'survival' is only for the strongest of the students. No monk stuff like the other poster said. I have been there and I have seen the school.

    If you want to go on your own this is one school that speaks English and caters to westerners:

    This is what I did and is by far the best way to go. Train in a local Kung Fu that has ties to China. Many good traditional schools here in the US have that connection and plan regular trips to China for training and sightseeing. My first trip to China was organized like that. While I was over there I made friends and got to know the teachers and the owner of the school. My second trip I went with just 2 other people and after that I went by myself and stayed for extended periods to train. It's an awesome experience and I would highly recommend it. It's the best training you can get. You do train 6-8 hours every day starting at 5:30 in the morning if you train like the rest of the students there but most westerners crap out of that after a while. I am proud to say I did not. Some schools offer special training to the not so conditioned westerners and even then you will still learn a lot. They give a whole new meaning to training and there are no distractions like friends, TV, video games etc. so you are fully focused on the training running the same forms over and over many times every day. There are no weekends and no time off.

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