My Lexmark Wireless Printer Wont Work?

I have just got a new lexmark wireless printer which wont work. When it is plugged in it says it is ready and it will print, but this is no good as i need it to be wireless thats why i brought it. The light is on green which means that it is ready and has a wireless connection but wont work. Does anyone know what is wrong and can help me out?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to make sure it is printing to the TCP/IP port when you are trying to print wirelessly. If you print out the printer setup it should show you the IP address it has. Then goto add Printer hit "next" choose local port, (make sure find automatically is OFF), choose create new port, and choose standard TCP/IP port from drop down menu, Hit "next", Enter your printers ip address (ie, choose your printer and hit finish.

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