What was Russia and China's involvement in the Vietnam War?

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    8 years ago
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    Both the USSR and the PRC backed North Vietnam militarily and economically.

    China, in particular, supplied troops deployed to North Vietnam to help repair damage to the transportation infrastructure by the American bombing, and antiaircraft support. Their contribution freed up North Vietnamese Army regulars to be deployed to South Vietnam to try and overthrow the government there.

    Most of the aircraft and sophisticated antiaircraft weapons (SAMs) were supplied by the USSR, which also supplied troops and technicians to man and fire the weapons at American aircraft in North Vietnam. After the cease-fire in 1973 the USSR rearmed North Vietnam with tanks, artillery, motor vehicles, missiles, small arms, construction equipment, ammunition, and fuel to make it possible for them to break the cease-fire and invade South Vietnam again in 1975. This was not a guerrilla war, and the VC insurgents did not win the war in Vietnam, regulars driving Soviet made tanks overran the country in the end.

    North Vietnam and the PRC had a falling out towards the end of the war over the North Vietnamese preference for Soviet support. This degenerated into the unseemly spectacle of a war between Vietnam and China in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

    During the war both Russia and China suffered casualties from American air attacks. Without their support North Vietnam could not have maintained a low level insurgency in South Vietnam, let alone three over-the-border invasion in the course of ten years. The Vietnam War was truly a battleground in the larger Cold War of the era.

    Source(s): Vietnam vet (USAF medic 1969/70) history-buff....
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    Both Russia and China supplied North Vietnam to some degree during the war. Our idiotic propaganda painted all these people in an HUGE Communist conspiracy - but as Nixon found, the Chinese never did get along with the Vietnamese and could be turned away from their support.

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    yes we Russia were involved with weapons and instructors and some pilots

    but the war was won mostly by the pride of N.Vietnamese Army

    I deeply respect Vietnamese for that

    Source(s): Russian
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    USSR provided money, weapons and military advisors. China sent in many soldiers. The war was mostly fought by North Vietnamese though.

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    USSR was involved. By equipment, military instructors and so on.

    There is a song about such facts ;)


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