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Purchased fake apple earpods, I now want real ones. Should I spend the money?

So I ordered a pair of "Apple earpods" off but I later figured they were fake. So now I want to get an authentic pair....should I spend the money. Apparently the sound quality isn't as good, of course, as the actual ones so I want to hear how they are. These ones still sound good. But Idk are these really worth the $40? Would you buy the real ones if you were in my position?

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    I wouldn't pay $40 for the earpods. They are great and all, but they don't block out any sound. Though it is true that they always stay in my ear, when I'm going on the bus or in the city, I have to turn up my ipod all the way just to hear the music because the outside world is so overwhelming. I got a pair of skullcandy earbuds at marshalls for $10 that I enjoy because they've got great bass and block out sound really well. Earpods are great, but I think they are overpriced.

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  • shutts
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    Good enough I've had replicas...They're very very cheaply made! To the point the place it used to be particularly convenient to tell mine had been false. Possibly from no longer a ways away, however up close you could totally tell with out even touching it. The zippers are low cost, the fabric inside of is low cost, it's beautiful bad. Despite the fact that they're absolutely fun to take out for a unique get together, they'd not keep up as a everyday purse. You probably have the cash to invest in a nice purse like that and that's what you may have your heart set on, I say than go for it. Those purses hold their value if you happen to take excellent care of it. I'm certain how main it will be to preserve an in depth eye on it. I used to be at costco the opposite day and this lady had her louis vuitton buckled into the cart the place you may customarily put a baby because she undoubtedly was once concerned about any one snatching it!! Lol. Enjoy, no damage on splurging a little and treating yourself, heck you simplest are living as soon as!!

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    I personally think the sound quality is great. For $30 they are not as good as beats, but pretty dam good for their price. They have stayed in my ears when ever I use them weather working or jogging, I have never had them fall out once. I would defiantly get them, there probobly the greatest earbuds I have ever used.

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