Hey ladies, I have a few questions about ovulation tests! And a medical question?

My husband & I aren't planning to "try" for a baby until sometime early next year! Maybe even January, but I just want to be prepared for as much as I can ahead of time. Well I have been married a year (20years old) and i spent the evening with my mom at her companies Christmas party last night and she was pretty shocked to find out I have NEVER been on birth control and haven't gotten pregnant. She has 5 kids and said if she would even think about it she would get pregnant. She is only 34 and had her tubes tied after my little brother. Now i am pretty worried because it seems like I know so many people these days who are having sooo much trouble TTC. Well anyway I just ordered a pack of ovulation test strips online and Im not too sure how it all works and there wasn't a lot of information on the site. So any tips or comments would be helpful! Now on the flip side, my aunt (on my dad's side) (Everyone in my moms side has ATLEAST five children a piece) Well my aunt had cysts and complications, had a ovary and tube removed when she was really young and was told she would NEVER have children. She did get pregnant twice though with a son and daughter, just took a long time. I had my appendix removed a year ago and the doctor said he found a big cyst that he removed during the surgery. Im not even too sure what that means! Does that complicate my fertility?

Sorry this is a bit long, just a little scared now. thanks for any help!

(We have been using the pull out method for a couple of years and no pregnancy)


I havent always tracked my periods but started in October. Here is the list.

October 5th

Nov 11th

Dec- I should start tomorrow I guess but dont even feel like I will.

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    I was previously married for 11 years and never on bc pills and didn't conceive. When I remarried and started ttc - we went to the doc had a histosalpingogram done - found I had blocked tubes - were able to conceive right after that. After an appendectomy - you need to be careful that there is no damage from the appendix to the ovary or tubes - when I got pregnant after the hsg - I had an ectopic preg - and had to have it surgically removed and lost my left tube - we also found out that my right tube had scarring on it due to the appendix. So make sure you have some testing done before ttc. As far as the irregular periods - that needs to be addressed with your ob b/c without consistent periods - there is no way to get pregnant.

    The ovulation tests that you bought were obviously over the counter and didn't come with a machine.

    To test with those - use urine from afternoon only - and try to avoid lots of fluids and urine needs to be held 2-4 hours before testing.

    It will look like a pregnancy test - it will have a control line - you want your line that comes up to be either as dark or darker than the control line.

    When you get that result - it means that ovulation is due to happen within the next 24 hours - so you need to be having sex during that time - before during and after.

    Once you get the hang of your cycle and your ovulation - you will be better prepared in predicting when ovulation will occur.

    However, you have to have somewhat of a regular period 21-32 days preferably in that range to be able to predict and when to start testing.

    On the box for the test strips it should tell you how long before you begin testing from the beginning of your period.

    Test everyday around the same time if at all possible for the best results.

    Good luck

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    There will always be 2 lines on ovulation tests, what matters is if the lines are the same shade. If todays OPK was negative then you are most likely ovulating today! Good luck!

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    ok first off we need to know what kind of OPT that you bought. And from looking at the calender and your cycle your first from oct. 5th to Nov. 11th that is 38 days between them and then from Nov.11th to current is about 21 days which means that you don't have a period around the same amount of time in between. Which honestly worries me. And I think it will be harder to track you ovulation due to this issue. You might need to be put on something to help regulating your period. I have a idea on what kind of OPT that you should have but I would like to know what kind you bought online and then maybe I can hep a little more

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