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How much money was in the pile that the Joker burned in "The Dark Knight"?

Now I'm willing to do the calculations myself, given the approximate volume of a 20'x20'x20' pyramid of cash divided by the volume of a dollar bill (which is 6"x2.5"x.0043"), but this is a very shaky estimate (which assuming they were all $100 dollar bills, equates to just over $7 billion, I think), so I was wondering if somebody either knows the exact amount or can give a better method of estimating how much was in there.

Disclaimer: Obviously the pyramid doesn't have perfectly flat sides, and I'm sure there's some kind of formula for calculating the kind of shape with steps like this. Also, I'm only guessing the scale based on the people standing around it, but the camera angle makes it hard to judge.

Check my math if you think I'm off.


For reference, the scene with the best show in the film is around 1:38:00, with the full stack in view. It's a very imperfect pyramid that gets wider near the top, where Lau is sitting.

prnigel: You're missing the point. I WANT an exact amount, that's the whole purpose of this challenge.

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    I got about 71 441 860 bills which would be over 7.14 billion. I would say that's the maximum value because we're not taking into account air, because they probably weren't stacked perfectly considering how long that would take, and the fact that it's stepped, so its probably closer to 6.5 billion, but still, that's a whoooooooooooole lot of money.

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    To be honest, I just prefer to go with the estimate, "A WHOLE, FREAKIN' LOT", !! Exact amounts don't really mean that much when you're talking about quantities like that, *chkl*.

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