selling my business domain?

I'm not renewing my business domain this year and was approached by someone who wants to buy it. What are the steps I need to do and how do I get the $ for it? Also, never really thought I could sell it ( new to me), so, what do I need to do, to ensure that I don't get scammed? Please be specific as possible, since this is new for me. Thanks!

the domain name is:

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    9 years ago
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    First edit your post and remove the domain name from your question. A google search returns this page right near the top of the results. The potential buyer will do a search to see what comes up for the domain and this puts you in a bad position. It shows that the name is worthless to you. You weren't even going to pay $8 to renew it.

    Second, if the buyer makes any mention of getting an appraisal done on the domain name, cut of all communications. This is a common scam, owners of domain appraisal 'companies' will pretend to be interested buyers, then ask that you get an appraisal done (paid) from a company that they can conveniently recommend (their own). Very common scam.

    As far as selling the name, you can use or for secure transactions.

    I can tell you exactly what this domain is worth to a domain investor: $0, but if you have somebody that actually wants to buy it then he is definitely an 'enduser', The value is exactly what he is willing to pay, but, only he knows for sure what that # is.

    Source(s): Lot's of experience buying, selling and developing domain names
  • 9 years ago

    Call your local SBA office and ask them what a decent price would be. They mentor entrepreneurs and if they didn't know they'd get you the info.

    You can sell it, but the price would also depend on how badly the other person does want it.

  • 9 years ago

    Dude... i m it engineer and listen this domain name is too good and demand atleast 500 american dolars and u can come down upto 400 . below this reject.. he would come again to be done on 400.. best luck

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