What is the average cost of an average web design?

I'm looking to create an online store to hold somewhere between 2500-3000 products. Bottom line, I need a user-friendly, easy-to-change website where I can add promotions, ship easily to the customer, separate sales tax and receive money directly into my account. The company I get my product from wants to charge me about $1500 for 500 products, $3000 for 1000 products, and upwards of $5000 for unlimited products plus a $30/mo web hosting fee. Any thoughts?

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    10 years ago
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    That is a lot of products to get someone else to add, thats where your cost is,

    just curious why you cant be shown how to add your products and save yourself a bit of money by adding them yourself ?

    as for the hosting fees, they seem fair also, the reason is because with that many products and images, plus database useage, your bandwidth useage is likely to be quite high, plus you need room to add more products should you wish to

    Sounds to me as if the web company has given you an average and fair quote for a standard ecommerce package.

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  • 4 years ago

    I would look for a company that can produce your product using Wordpress. Your costs will be lower if you import your product images and descriptions yourself. But to honest, if the developer is experienced importing straight into the Database should increase costs that much.

    Our company would charge around £4000 for bespoke design and development for a project like this!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    cyber internet site layout is a provider industry, expenses variety. Its extra suitable to discover a sturdy internet dressmaker then to look at expenses because of fact no remember if this is $50 i may be relatively scared at what you have become.

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