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Question about dog adoption...?

So I'm planning on adoption a dog from a shelter in two weeks (has kennel cough, can't be picked up until then) and my family at first was okay with it, but now they are acting crazy about it. Some people in my family think that I am making a huge mistake and ruining my life by adopting a second dog, which I don't understand. Most of the stuff I have read on here says that it really isn't more difficult to care for two dogs than one dog. Is it really that much more difficult? Thanks.

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    I got another dog I just rescued from a farm as the farmer didn't realise apparently his ***** had pups. She had hardly any fur left was very small and her teeth were about 2 weeks behind at 7 weeks old, there were other problems and the vet asked us would we prefer just to have her put down she was in a pretty bad way.

    We took her and after the first couple of weeks she is now full of life and bounce and gets on very well with my 7 year old collie.

    I found I am paying a lot more out in food only till she is old enough to go onto dog food rather than puppy food, I plan on buying the larger bags 25kg as it does work out cheaper for the month.

    The other good thing about 2 dogs is that they are good company for each other if you have to leave them for any length of time.

    I personally go on holiday and if kids and dogs are not welcome we do not go, however we do have a few weddings this year and I have to have someone to care for them and I have already found a difference with 2 dogs, they are happier at least their whole family is not away and they have one member of their family to keep them company.

    I would recommend it.

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    I just adopted a second Chihuahua in February and was really worried that my current dog, who was King of the house for 2 yrs, micht not like it. Plus I worried about the addtional work of two dogs.

    The truth is that the only issue would be that two dogs are more expensive than one.

    In every other way it is the same or better to have two. Walking two is a lot like walking one - and once you pick up the first pile , the second isn't really a big deal.

    They have learned to eat the same thing so I don't have to cater to individual tastes.

    The great part is that they are a continual source of entertainment for each other and I have to admit also for me - I could watch them play and chase each other all day, they are quiet entertaining.

    Also, I never have to worry about Puck (my first dog) being lonely when I am out.

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    It's true that it's harder to care for more than one dog. But as long as you put the time and effort into it, there shouldn't be a problem. Your family are probably just acting this way because they're worried that you won't be able to handle it because it's double the food, double the effort, double the play time and double the training. So it won't be as easy with two dogs as it is with one. But like i said as long as you're willing to care for both dogs and put in the time they need, there's shouldn't be a problem and once you take home that dog and your family sees that you can handle it, then they should stop saying that it's a mistake. Adopting a dog should never be a mistake.

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    Your family is acting a little crazy, you would not be ruining your life, you would be saving a life...go on be a saviour. I adopted 2 puppy's 5 mths ago & it's been fantastic, they get on great & love each other, it IS much easier to raise 2 & you get twice the love back. The new dog will learn the house rules very quickly from your other dog & i bet your first dog will love having a new playmate. Best of luck, hope you go for it.

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    Personally I don't think it's any harder to have 2 dogs, instead of having 1. Feeding, walking, playing and pretty much everything else is the same with 2 instead of 1. So no, if you ask me, it's not more difficult.

    Just make sure that when you go to the shelter, you bring your other dog, so that can meet and you can see if they hit it off well.

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    its a bit dramatic to think you are 'ruining your life' by taking on another dog! if you are happy with it then go ahead, after all, you'll be the one looking after the dogs. personally I dont think its much more difficult to look after 2 dogs than 1. actually I have 4 dogs and my mother is permanently trying to get me to get rid of them. considering that they live in my house and she doesnt have to have anything to do with them, I just let her rant. So stand your ground, I think its great that you're adopting a rescue dog and if you want it then dont let others put you off. It will be company for your first dog when you're out. Family members have a tendency to try to impose their feelings on you but if you give in you'll be living their life instead of your own. Do your own thing & let them get a grip on themselves & stop making mountains out of molehills!

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    Depends on breeds, temperments, ages,.. endless list.

    When the dog is better, try a visit with your dog. Make sure they get along. If you recently lost a dog,.. expect people to object to a replacement dog as it won't actually fill the void.

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    Not more difficult, but it is a lot more expensive! If you're working and paying all the food and vet bills, that's okay - but if you're expecting your family to pay for them, I can see why they might be a bit agitated.

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    It depends on the breeds, personalities, territoriality & dominance. You'll need to be able to read their dynamics. Behavior will change from what you've learned to expect. What's your first / second?

    [But good move on adopting :) ]

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    It depends on the breeds, personalities, territoriality & dominance.well is this your first or second


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