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Vintage lace wedding dress?

About how much is a vintage lace wedding dress?

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    It really depends. What kind of vintage wedding dress? Where is the wedding dress from? How much lace is used? Go to a wedding dress store and look at their selection. Then compare prices to other places. My mom made her own wedding dress. If you know how to sew you can do that. She didn't even know how to sew that much. It's really nice to.

    Anyways, vintage lace wedding dresses are really pretty in my opinion but you should compare prices. Take your time :)


    -Sammi :p

    Source(s): I wanna be a wedding planner when I graduate high school
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  • 4 years ago

    Lace wedding dress crossing of the price is very big

    , the price of the span from $100 to the a few thousand dollars.

    I think you should consider your wedding dress cost, within a reasonable cost to choose the most suitable lace wedding dress.

    Also, there are so many kinds of lace, they all have their own property, so I think when you should go to the Bridal shop to understand all this before buying.

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  • 5 years ago

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    Vintage lace wedding dress on here. good luck

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    5 years ago

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