Do business broker charge commission if you're the buyer and hire a broker?

Do business broker charge commission if you're the buyer and hire a broker to buy a suitable small business ?

Or does it work like residentail brokers where buyers don't have to pay any commission?


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    Usually there are more than 1 broker or agent involved... 1 for the seller and 1 for the buyer.

    They BOTH get a cut in most cases, and have clauses in their contracts that they get paid if you go around them to sell the business....

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    i do no longer know what state you're in so i'm no longer particular on how issues artwork there. I stay in WV and used to sell genuine components. in case you sign in with a real components broker provider, he/she would be able to be your customer's agent. which ability he/she works for you. otherwise the broker provider works for the supplier. in case you sign with the comparable employer that has the living house listed then they seem to be a twin agent and artwork for the two considered one of you. What this suggests is, in case you have a customer's agent working for then you definitely he/she would be able to shop your counsel private. If he/she occurs to make certain something approximately how lots the supplier is keen to take, and so on. then he/she could inform you that considering he/she is working for you. in case you haven't any longer have been given a customer's agent and you're making an grant yet point out you're able to pay extra then the agent could tell the supplier that considering he/she is working for the supplier. If that's a twin agent then they does no longer exhibit the two of your counsel to the different. maximum advertising brokers opt for to sell their consumers' residences and are keen to artwork with customer's brokers. in case you have a real components buddy then why do no longer you sign in with him/her? additionally, in case you artwork with one agent then that agent will practice you each and all the residences you opt for to make certain and you're no longer caught calling a bunch of diverse companies. you would be extra secure in case you sign with a broker provider as your customer's agent. wish this helps.

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    It will be in the agreement. There are ones that work both ways. But keep in mind. They work for the people that pay them just like real estate.

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