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I want a website created where people can comment and rate stories and art similar to how we view videos on YouTube. I also want extensive forums on the website and a page for uploading videos for news updates. Can you tech savy people tell me where to go and how much I should be paying for that kind of web design? I also need users to have their own profile page and avatars.

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  • 8 years ago
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    That sounds like a great, unique site idea and adding a community will definitely keep people coming back. It sounds like you will have a lot going on though, so I really think you should hire a professional.

    Personally, I would recommend JT Images, you can check out their site here:

    They can design a fantastic, professional looking site for you with all kind of features including e-commerce and set you up with a domain name. They will also use their SEO skills to help you rank on google and protect you from spam and viruses with their email filtering program. They can even get you started with a marketing campaign to expand and increase your business.

    No harm in checking them out either, they do free quotes :)

  • 3 years ago

    I could cost a flat rate for my offerings damaged down as follows: rate of layout (art work); expected rate of creation (entails coding). Collect 30 percentage up entrance, 30 percentage UPON ACCEPTANCE OF DESIGN and final steadiness upon mission finishing touch. Always, ALWAYS, get a signed agreement and NEVER begin something till you get that first deposit. Incidentally, getting the deposit will have to through through a investigate despatched both through FedEx (ideally) or through floor mail (which you're going to suggest takes longer). You will have to do not forget incorporating what you are promoting. File for incorporation as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Then open a industry bank account. Bank of America has a few well ones (one even can pay curiosity).

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