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Website and Web design hints and help?

Hello, I have recently took a web design class and I am learning about the program dreamweaver. We haven't gotten to any important detail, just how do design links and buttons. I would like to know how to make websites like, addictinggames, gamefudge, youtube. Those are just some examples. I just want to know how to do these things. 1. How to make a successful website to a point people will want to put ads on. 2. How do I get something interesting like a flash game on the website (I have visited crazymonkeygames that allows free downloads) and where? 3. What are some restrictions or rules about the web that I might need to know in the future that won't get me in jail, or paying a huge fine.

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    You should get a web design software wherein you'll just drag and drop. I would recommend to you the SharePoint Designer of MS their new version of frontpage. You can have it free. And for the codes for your website you should check on google. :)


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