Gun safety & children?

me and my wife have a 5 year old daughter at home who we have talked to about gun safety. I bought a gun for home protection. I sat my daughter down for a few minutes and talk to her about the dangers of Guns. so I had an idea recently to see if my daughter does the right thing. I was thinking about laying my pistol out unloaded of course with no clip or bullets anywhere but in the safe just to see if she would tell her parents about it. so I decided to come to the Yahoo community to see what you guys thought feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    7 years ago
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    hm. NO.

    gun should always be somewhere she is not allowed to look anyway. like your bedroom, in that piece of furniture i forget whatchamacallit, next to your bed or, my dad used to keep his gun in this guy cupboard where we would need to climb and open and look for the gun, and we were set down and told that we should never, under any circumstances touch the gun coz it was loaded and it was for protection not for us to kill ourselves...luckily my dad had to sell his gun before i reached my teens, lol...

    as children we were never tempted to touch or play with the gun coz we saw it was a serious thing...

    if you leave it around like that you are showing your daughter it's not as serious or dangerous as you claimed to be...

    also when your kids reach their teens if you have any issues with their depression, or any other emotional issues, if your kids were molested, anything you know outside of ordinary normal adolescent pain, get the gun outside your home, and keep it in a safe deposit box or at work or whatever....or in a safe in your house.

    you don't want your teenager blowing their brains out.

    guns should be taken seriously and respected...

    guns are good if taken seriously and respected they can balance out the power between men and women, a stranded woman from Bosnia and a pack of idiot monkeys, or anyone that needs more equal odds and people who like to abuse the upper hand, but guns can do a lot of dam age if you do not respect them...

    example, always shoot people in their limbs, you want to make them back off and defend yourself not kill them and go to jail for the rest of your life.

    never do anything to portrait weapons as a light matter to your kids and if you have a troubled teenager, a seriously troubled kid in your home, do not let them know that there is a gun. if there is one keep it a safe.

    etc etc

    Source(s): guns don't kill people, mc vagina kills people, with guns, lol
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