how much does a land survey cost?

i am looking to do a subdivision of about 1 acre to 2 acres in a wooded area. just looking for an approx. price on this. if more info. is needed let me know.


i guess my biggest question is..will it or should it cost around $4,000?

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    There are a bunch of factors that will define your cost

    1) Where you live and the prevailing cost of labor. Here in the SF bay area with a very high cost of living, a good surveyor gets between $125 and $175 per hour (including overhead factors). In the middle of the nation the cost is likely to be substantially less

    2) The type of terrain: If you are having the survey done on flat wooded acreage with sparse trees, then it is easier to walk and perhaps a GPS signal will penetrate the tree cover, but if your acreage is full of billy goat hills (vertical) thick with head high brush and even taller trees, then it is going to take longer (see #1)

    3) Your deed: Some deeds are simple (Lot 12 of the Smith Tract, which is a well known and monumented tract). Some deeds are hard (beginning at the corner of the Jones Ranch and going along the Jones border to the Jackson spread SE corner..etc.. ) deeds like this mean you also have to survey a part of your neighbors property to find those particular corners.. AND some deeds are nighmares.

    Beginning at the stump of the ole hicory tree (which was last seen in 1850) and running along the wire fence to the center of the Adams Creek (which dried up in the dust bowl depression era), and then along the creek to the middle of the Smith property line (which line.. what middle?) and so on.. For these types of deeds you need to bring money.. LOTS of money.

    4) What the statutory requirements of your State are. Here in California if I survey your property and set corners or resolve an ambiguity (like #3 above), then I MUST file a map with the local county. Here in the bay area the local county charges ME $500 per page to review that map (and guess who *I* charge, not only for the review but to prepare it).

    So.. back to your question.. it is entirely possible that $4,000 is a valid figure for you. You should try to get about two more estimates to get a good feeling for the cost. Also deterimine what the 'finished product' will be (stakes in the ground (which rot out or get knocked over ) or concrete/steel pins, a prepared (or required) map, witness stakes, etc...

    There are a LOT of factors involved in a survey.and these four are common but not the only ones. Ask the surveyor to explain his figure if you are unsure.

    Good luck with your project...

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    This varies so widely that it is impossible to give you meaningful information. How much control is in place? What are your state's rules for recording surveys?

    It won't cost a dime to get an estimate from a licensed surveyor and you will learn a lot in the process.

    If you are subdividing as well as surveying, there are more variables. Do you want them to submit everything to the county and follow the project or are you going to oversee it?

    Source(s): Many subdivisions under my belt in Washington state.
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    The cost of a land survey varies greatly depending on where you live so would get estimates from several different companies and go with the better estimate. Best Wishes.

    Source(s): Real Estate tycoon, Investor and Advacate for Tenants Rights.
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    The cost varies from state to state and region to region. I think that it would be not more than $ 4000. For more info about survey costs you can ask precisely from real estate experts at

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