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What do web designers do?

I know they design web pages but i wanna know more about the process...what kind of education do you have to have in order to be a web designer? etc. etc.

Any information you have would be helpful...thanks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I disagree with the other post about needing a 4 year degree. I am 100% self taught in the arts of web design and development, having done it for the past 12 years both on my own, and for the last 2 years as a contractor for large corporations like Johnson & Johnson. Prior to my life as a web designer, I came from the traditional print media, marketing and design world, (which I still do) having worked for numerous agencies throughout central and south Florida since 1991. Granted, it's not the 'norm', but self taught web designers/developers are more prevalent than some think.

    But to answer your question, the designers role can vary based on the position. Some designers do only the design, and then deliver a "flat" that is then taken by a developer and made into a working web page. Other designers, like myself, are able to take the design from a concept on a napkin to a working prototype to actually programming the html code and corresponding CSS. (HTML and CSS are the core of any website - that is unless it's 100% Flash animation)

    There's a multitude of sources online to learn the various aspects of programming html and CSS to contain the designs you've created, but there's also "methods to the madness" when it comes to user interface and interactivity design. Some of which can only be learned by experience and "trial & error", but there's also alot of resources online for these types of "best practices". A couple of places to start learning web design/HTML/CSS are,, (use the validators) and One thing I didn't have while learning were video tutorials, which there are now tons of across

    In my recent experience with the corporate realm of Web Design and development, it's quite surprising how many "designers" don't have or need degrees. The degree or certification aspect comes more into play for "developers", who are those that make the site really functional, such as application building, database calls, etc.

    What has surprised me most though is the people I have worked with who are "certified", and how they don't seem to know the common, standards-compliant methods that I have been practicing for the last 9+ years - such as "pure" CSS. (semantic, table-less layout) The corporate world is remarkably behind the curve in this respect, which is why I'm looking to get out and into a smaller, more progressive group. Not bleeding edge, but I simply refuse to de-volve back to using tables for layout. Tables were meant for tabular data and eating your cocoa puffs on - not for controlling layout.

    Source(s):,, www.htmlgoodies, 12+ years in web design
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  • 1 decade ago

    You need a 4 yr degree from a good school and several years experience.

    It requires extensive knowledge of HTML, Dreamweaver, and a lot of different types of programming.

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